Klaviyo and Recharge:
A Robust integration

Get the best out of this combination of a leading email marketing platform and a
subscription management platform to scale your business!

Benefits of this seamless integration


Create custom flows

When a customer’s order in an impending subscription is about to ship, online store owners can automatically send them an email to upsell them a product. They may employ quick-action URLs to prevent cancellations by alerting their consumers to impending orders. On the other hand, if the customer ends up canceling a subscription, it will trigger another flow to retain customers

Get real-time metrics

Real-time metrics allow online store owners access to subscription information obtained straight from Recharge. Additionally, merchants will have access to custom properties for usage in more precise and relevant content to be included in the triggered metrics. These data-driven emails will help your business to get back into the sales funnel if they abandon a cart or win them back if they cancel a subscription.

Powerful integrations with other platforms

Recharge Checkout is available on Shopify, Shopify Checkout, BigCommerce, and through their APIs. Recharge Checkout and Quick Actions are completely functional on Shopify but not yet on BigCommerce. And as for Klaviyo, it integrates with all the ecommerce platforms and more!
And so the integration between Klaviyo and Recharge makes them a powerful combo that will allow you to send highly targeted emails.

Build brand loyalty

You can now easily use your subscribers’ data to send customized messages to them, thanks to Recharge’s enhanced integration with Klaviyo. There are numerous new options to expand your client base and foster brand loyalty, from identifying what complementary items are relevant to your customers to keeping them engaged with your brand. You can suggest product recommendations according to your subscribers’ previous purchases and increase LTV.


Take Control of Your Subscription Business

Transform one-off purchases into recurring subscriptions.

Built strong communication

Set up automated Klaviyo email campaigns with Recharge’s data-driven metrics. This will help build a strong relationship with your subscribers and retain customers.

Segment and send product recommendations

To get recurring subscriptions to your product, send targeted emails to suggest product recommendations based on their purchase history.

Win back customers when the subscription expires

With Recharge, whenever a subscription is about to expire, it will automatically trigger an email workflow from Klaviyo. This will eliminate losing existing customers and improve retention.

Never lose a subscription

Send auto-renewal email campaigns to nudge the subscribers to subscribe to your product again. Give them coupon codes and other positive incentives to improve LTV.

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