3 Best Email Marketing Agencies for Small Businesses in 2022

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Many small businesses might struggle to find time to send valuable email campaigns. You need to find time to sort customers and manage your email list at your own risk.

If you are someone thinking that email marketing agencies are only for big businesses and not suitable for small businesses, then this blog is for you.

So, What is an email marketing agency? 

What is an email marketing agency?

An email marketing agency is a specialized service provider of email marketing and related services. It includes monitoring email lists, website traffic, open rates, content, sales, and conversion.

what is email marketing agency

A full-time email marketing agency can be the best solution for all your problems, from segmenting your email list to sending successful campaigns. 

An email marketing agency can take care of all this for you and provide you with a wide range of benefits. Let’s dive in and find out more about these benefits. 

Benefits of using an email marketing agency

  • Free setting up process
  • A team of email marketing experts who can carry out all the groundwork for your email campaigns
  • Design valuable email templates
  • Segment and personalize emails 
  • Create remarkable email lists and strategies
  • Test and Optimize email campaigns
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Reveals blind spots

benefits of email marketing agency

How to choose the best email marketing agencies for small businesses?

1. Budget Friendly

budget friendly

When you look for an email marketing agency, the first thing you should consider is the pricing of the agency. Choose an email marketing agency that aligns with your goals, has advanced features, and suits your budget.

2. Advanced features

When considering any agency for email marketing, it’s important to be aware of how advanced their email marketing features are. You can save time and money with advanced features that make email marketing easier for your business.

Always choose an email marketing agency that has better segmentation features.

3. A great team for guidance

great team

It is always good to have a great team of email marketing experts to guide you through your marketing campaigns. You might get new ideas and strategies to solve your marketing problems.

4. Should increase sales

One way to drive more traffic and sales to your small business is through email marketing. Select an email marketing agency that increases your sales. Segmenting your email list and personalizing emails can help you drive traffic to your website. 

5. Mutual goals

When you hire an email marketing agency for your small business, explain your goals to them. When you both strive towards the same goal, your business will be skyrocketed to another level.

Top 3 Email Marketing Agencies for Small Businesses in 2022

1. Messageharbor

Messageharbor is an online email marketing software for small and medium-sized businesses. Unlike large-scale enterprise email marketing tools, MessageHarbor is user and budget friendly.

Services provided by Messageharbor

  • Email deliverability
  • Cold email marketing
  • Create and design your email templates
  • Automated email campaigns
  • Email list growth
  • SMS marketing
  • A/B testing
  • Advanced segmentation
  • Email marketing strategies
  • Email newsletters and campaigns

best email marketing agencies

Messageharbor is a hosted email platform designed for individuals and small businesses looking to have a scalable, secure, and reliable email solution at a great price. 

Messageharbor- Pricing

2. Quagrowth

QuaGrowth is an Email Marketing agency that helps eCommerce companies increase store revenue, accelerate brand growth, and unlock hidden profits.

Services provided by Qua Growth

  • Email and SMS marketing services
  • New strategies
  • Creative designs
  • Q&A testing
  • Reporting
  • Segmentation and deliverability

3. Inbox Army 

Inbox Army is an email marketing agency that works with clients across various industries to help them accomplish their goals. 

Services provided by Inbox Army

  • Email strategy and audit
  • Email automation
  • Email campaign management
  • Email deliverability
  • Email templates 

Inbox Army- Pricing

The pricing is flexible based on the services you opt for. Fill in the details of your business and the services needed for your business. Then they will provide you with a pricing sheet.

Wrapping up!

Hope you enjoyed reading about the best email marketing agencies for small businesses. Don’t forget to build your list with the help of a good email marketing service. Retaining a customer and building trust while establishing your brand’s reputation is essential.

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